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Welcome to the Society of Christians for the Restoration of Old Testament Morality. We are concerned American Christians who want to restore our great nation to its roots in the Old Testament's unchanging morality. We cannot remain God’s favorite nation for very long until we as a nation scrupulously observe the literal meaning of every word in the Bible (King James only, please). We believe that the entire Bible – Genesis to Revelation – sets forth God’s perfect plan for every aspect of our lives, and we don’t believe that God has changed His mind.

Our nation was founded by great, Godly men like Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson – men who loved and cherished the King James Bible in its entirety, recognized it for the infallible revelation and literal truth that it is, and based this nation firmly on the sure foundation of Biblical literalism and sexual purity. Thanks to them, America was something that no one had ever seen before in human history – a nation in which Church and State were firmly united.

Back then, people believed in the literal truth of the Bible and of The Fundamentals, and nothing bad ever happened, except to people who deserved it by not being exactly like the majority. But then, liberals sought to destroy this great nation because they hate America, hate freedom, and generally hate everything good. Thanks to them, we experience horrors like pornographic Web sites and people flying airplanes into 110-story buildings – horrors that quite simply could not have been imagined back when George Washington was President.

Liberals have also corrupted our public schools to the extent that our precious children are taught that insects have six legs, when the Bible quite plainly states that they have four. Six, of course, is each of the digits of 666, the Mark of the Beast. Thus, it is clear that Satan, through liberals, has placed his hoof mark on our schools.

Liberals have even dug their talons into the Catholic Church. Before the advent of liberalism in the 1960’s, any hint of corruption in the Catholic Church was inconceivable. Virtuous, God-fearing popes like Alexander VI saw to that.

But worst of all, liberals have corrupted the very Constitution on which this nation is founded. Originally, as so many Spirit-filled, Bible-believing pastors have reminded us, the U.S. Constitution was based firmly on the Book of Deuteronomy. That means that Constitutional rights applied only the God-fearing, Bible-believing majority. Then, unelected liberal activist judges rewrote the Constitution to read that Constitutional rights can somehow protect people from those in charge – the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to be. As a horrifying consequence, Christians are now being persecuted by not being allowed to run the country the way we like.

Even though Christ-hating liberals control the media, the schools, and the federal government, and Christian voices have been silenced in our society, we in the Society of Christians for the Restoration of Old Testament Morality plan to fight back with the one weapon that we have – the Bible, which is the Sword of the Spirit. We are in the process of preparing Bible tracts that teach people the Biblical truth, so that they can see through liberal lies. Our Bible tracts will be firmly based on the King James Bible, so if you take offense at any of them, you’ve taken offense at the Bible, not at us. All Bible tracts will be saved as .PDF files, so that you can print them on your home computer and show your Christian love by showing people the Bible’s truths.

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